It’s time for Catholics across America to
rally behind Donald Trump for President.

A proven truth-defender.

Trump is not merely our reluctant choice. We had four years to watch him. And he delivered.

  • Executive orders
  • Reform on regulations touching abortion
  • Religious liberty, conscience, faith, and families
  • Wages and jobs
  • Administration appointments
  • Judges and the Supreme Court
  • Improved foreign relations

But this fact can't be disputed: this is no ordinary moment in American history. Commentators have rightly called this perhaps the most important election since 1860. The nation is deeply divided on hugely consequential issues. We're not simply looking for a candidate to check certain policy boxes. We need a leader who will stand up for people like you and me, and punch back (figuratively, for our New York Times readers) against the woke bullies in government, media, corporations, and culture that seek to destroy all that we cherish.

We need a general to lead us. Someone who knows the truth and is willing to fight for it - not simply someone who will calculate the path of least resistance to accomplish some good on the margins.

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Biden must be stopped.

Since his election, Biden's administration has targeted our children, schools, faith, and families. He’s failed to protect our churches, excused illegal FBI spying on Catholics, and called faithful citizens like you and me the biggest threat to America.

Biden's reckless border policies have led to over 3 million illegal crossings since 2021 — resulting in the exploitation of hundreds of thousands of migrants, devastating costs to our largest cities, and heightened threats of terrorist attacks.